If you’ve applied for a scholarship and you’ve been shortlisted, you’ve most likely also heard of experiences of many who have failed to get the scholarships they applied for. You’re competing with thousands of other students who want the same opportunities just as bad as you do. You want to stand out from the crowd. To be exceptional, you need to prepare like you never have. Utilize every scholarship preparation material you can lay your hands on like Scholarship past questions and answers.

Many academic scholarship bodies tend to repeat questions every year. Scholarship bodies such as Seplat, Mobil, Agip, NNPC and many more do this as well. In fact, one exam format that has been observed to be repeated has been the GMAT examination format. This only goes to show how important scholarship past questions and answers are to your preparation.

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Free MTN Foundation Scholarship Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

The MTN Foundation offers scholarships to deserving Nigerian students in Nigerian Universities through their foundation. This scholarship is open to Nigerian citizens who are pursuing a bachelor's degree and are interested in pursuing a masters or Ph.D. The exam is not based on the candidate’s course of study but on the level of IQ and how...