Oil & Gas Jobs Past Questions

Maybe you don’t need an oil and gas aptitude test past questions and answers. It’s only one of the most difficult industries in Nigeria to get a job. It’s also just the most lucrative industry in Nigeria which currently brings in about 95% of the country’s revenue.

You bet you do! Most petroleum companies in Nigeria such as Total, Agip, Exxon, to mention a few, administer aptitude tests to interested job applicants. No need to be scared though, with adequate preparation, you’re definitely getting that job! But there are many aptitude test preparation materials online. How do you know which oil and gas past questions and answers are authentic? How do you know which of them is worth your money?
No need to ask any further questions. On EFP, you can find legitimate aptitude tests past questions and answers of several oil and gas companies available for free! We have made them available in downloadable PDF formats and as online quizzes. Using the free online past questions and answers, you can rate your level of preparation and also have the downloadable pdf format available at the end of the quiz for your personal offline revisions.

Free SEPLAT Job Aptitude Tests Past Questions and Answers

The Seplat Job Aptitude Test was designed to test your verbal and quantitative reasoning, including logical and general reasoning. So the questions will cover these aspects. It consists of 60 multiple choice questions to be answered within 60 minutes. This means you have just a minute to answer a question. To be able to answer the...

Free Shell SPDC & SNEPCO Job Aptitude Tests Past Questions and Answers

Being invited for the SPDC or SNEPCO aptitude test is a great opportunity and poor preparation should not hinder you from taking advantage of it and securing the job. Don’t worry, we also don’t want that to happen and we have the perfect solution. The body behind Shell and SNEPCO aptitude tests has not created a...

Free British American Tobacco BAT Aptitude Tests Past Questions & Answers

The BAT test contains 60 verbal, quantitative, logical, and general reasoning questions expected to be answered within 60 minutes. One minute per question. Whether this time will be adequate or not depends on how prepared you are. The best way to determine your level of preparation is through past questions. That is why we prepared our...