Free British American Tobacco BAT Aptitude Tests Past Questions & Answers

The BAT test contains 60 verbal, quantitative, logical, and general reasoning questions expected to be answered within 60 minutes. One minute per question. Whether this time will be adequate or not depends on how prepared you are.

The best way to determine your level of preparation is through past questions. That is why we prepared our British American Tobacco BAT Aptitude Tests Past Questions PDF material.

Preparing ahead with this material gives you an insight into the question format, helps you save more time,  and when you come across repeated questions, they become a bonus to you. 


Tips for Passing the BAT Test

  • Know the question format.
  • Practise past questions repeatedly like you are taking the real test.
  • Manage your time wisely. If you are finding a question difficult, move to the next one.
  • Read the instructions well and make sure you understand what you’re asked to do.


About the BAT Test Past Questions Quiz

We want you to pass this test in flying colours. That is why we created this quiz for free from several past BAT test questions as a first step in your preparations.

Taking this quiz will show you how prepared you are for the coming test and give you an idea of the complete BAT Test Past Questions and Answers Material. Then, you can judge if you truly need to use it for further preparations. Take this quiz now and start preparing for success!


Renaissance artists have developed art forms other than painting and drawing.
Question Image
Marks Brothers is paying a dividend of $56.25 on each share. How much will PRH receive in dividends?
Question Image
What proportion of the medals won by France are Silver?
Question Image
What is the cost of full coverage insurance for a female in her 50s as a percentage of the same insurance for a male in his 30s?
Question Image
The report attests to the urgency of a global consensus on lowering the rate of emissions.
Question Image
How many more females than males are there in the 60 - 69 age category?
Question Image
Which of the following items showed the greatest percentage discount in price for buying in bulk?
Question Image
If the revenue for Car Rental in 2004 was half that for Hotels in 2005 when Holiday Lettings accounted for 5.04m Euros, what was the revenue from Hotels in 2004?
Question Image
The need for a greater understanding between nations is less today than ever before?
Question Image
The floor of the forest was soft because the forest did not harden it on account of trees
Question Image
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Download the PDF version of the past question here

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