Free GMAT Test Past Questions & Answers for Nigerian Jobs

GMAT is the body responsible for a lot of tests for Nigerian companies. To successfully pull through the GMAT test process, you need to know their test format. GMAT is used majorly for bank job aptitude tests, oil and gas companies job tests, and other Nigerian companies in any field.

Our GMAT Test Past Questions & Answers PDF is a collection of past GMAT questions and solutions. The primary contents of this material are:

  1. GMAT Verbal Questions & Answers
  2. GMAT Quantitative & Answers
  3. Logical Reasoning Questions & Answers
  4. GMAT Vedic and Fast Mathematics
  5. GMAT Vocabulary List

Tips on Passing the GMAT Job Aptitude Test

  • Know the test style. It’s easier for you to prepare when you know the kind of questions to expect.
  • Practice past questions over and over.
  • Pay attention to time.


About the GMAT Aptitude Tests Quiz

We created from several GMAT Aptitude Tests Past Questions. When you take the quiz, you can gauge your level of preparation and see what the comprehensive GMAT past questions and answers PDF material look like. You can then judge if you actually need it for further preparations or not. Take our online quiz now and start preparing for success!


A basket contains 5 apples, of which 1 is spoiled and the rest are good. If Henry is to select 2 apples from the basket simultaneously and at random, what is the probability that the 2 apples selected will include the spoiled apple?
A certain state levies a 4 percent tax on the nightly rates of hotel rooms. A certain hotel in this state also charges a $2.00 nightly fee per room, which is not subject to tax. If the total charge for a room for one night was $74.80, what was the nightly rate of the room?
At what simple annual interest rate must $2,500 be invested if it is to earn $225 in interest in one year?
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