Free Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Tests Past Questions and Answers

For the Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Test, you’d be given an hour to answer sixty multiple-choice questions. What this means is you have just one minute to answer each question. While this may not seem like much, when you prepare with our Fidelity Bank Aptitude Test Questions PDF, you’d even have enough time to go over your work after you’ve finished.

The material is always up to date, and it gives you the chance to have an accurate idea of what to expect in the test and prepare ahead. Thereby having the edge over other candidates. We also included answers to the questions to make your study easier. It also contains other bonus features like:

  • Interview Success Guide
  • Secrets of Job Search in Nigeria
  • And Top 25 Interview Questions & Answers.
  • IQ Test For Interviews

Overall, it’s a complete guide on having an advantage over other candidates and securing a job in Nigeria.


 Tips for Passing the Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Test

  • Be familiar with the test format.
  • Prepare ahead with past questions.
  • Pay attention to time. Do not spend too much time on a question.

About the Free Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Tests Past Questions Quiz

We’ve created this quiz from several Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Tests Past Questions. Taking this quiz will show you how prepared you are for the test. The quiz also lets you see what our  Fidelity Bank Aptitude Test Questions PDF looks like, and you can judge if you truly need it for further preparations or not. 

Take our online quiz now and start preparing for success!


How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen?
Amakiri spent ₦125 for a camera and some film. The camera costs ₦100 more than the film. What percent of the cost of the two items did Amakiri spend for a camera?
There is a pole in a lake. One-half of the pole is in the ground, another one-third of it is covered by water, and 12ft is out of the water. What is the length of the pole in ft?
Which Nigerian state is nicknamed “Home of hospitality”?
Which is the odd one out?
What is the smallest number which when divided by 10 leaves a remainder of 9, when divided by 9 leaves a remainder of 8, when divided by 8 leaves a remainder of 7, when divided by 7 leaves a remainder of 6, and so on until when divided by 2 leaves a remainder of 1?
Mr. Kalada is three times as old as his son. After fifteen years, Mr. Kalada will be twice as old as his son’s age at that time. Hence, Mr. Kalada’s present age is?
The price of garri rose by 40% last week and fell by 40% this week. What is the total rise or fall in percentage?
Fill in the missing gap with the most appropriate option. Now that bread is expensive, many poor families have to ................ yam for breakfast.
What number comes next in this sequence? 917452, 97452, 9745, 975, ?
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Download the PDF version of the past question here


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