Free Peopleplus / Zenith Bank Job Aptitude Tests Past Questions and Answers

Peopleplus sets aptitude tests to determine the candidate’s knowledge, language, behavioural,  problem-solving, and reasoning skills. They repeat past questions a lot so preparing with past questions will be a smart move that will give you an advantage over other candidates.

This is why we prepared our Peopleplus/Zenith BankAptitude Tests Past Questions PDF With Answers. The material is a compilation of the past questions of the Aptitude Test in PDF Format. Since the exam body repeats questions a lot, you’d have come across those questions when studying and you’d be able to answer them faster when you see them in the test.

Tips for Passing the Peopleplus / Zenith Bank Job Aptitude Tests

  • Study past questions and answers repeatedly.
  • Pay attention to time.


About the Peopleplus / Zenith Bank Job Aptitude Tests QuizWe want you to pass this test in flying colours and proceed to the interview stage. So, to kickstart your preparations, we created this quiz free of charge from several Peopleplus / Zenith Bank Job Test Past Questions. 

Taking this quiz will show you how prepared you are for the coming test. You’ll also have an idea of what the complete Peopleplus / Zenith past questions and answers PDF material contains and you can tell if you truly need to use it for further preparations. Take our online quiz now and start preparing for success!

An insurance policy covering fire damage to stock pays 70% of the costs for the first $1,000 and all of the cost thereafter up to a total of $7,000. Following a claim, the claimant had to pay an additional $2,000 to replace damaged stock. How much was the stock worth?
What percentage of all the marbles in the bag were black? Statement 1 - The ratio of black to white marbles in the bag was 20 : 1. Statement 2 - There were 5 white marbles in the bag.
Which of the statements above make it possible to answer the question.
Alberto buys a car from Juan and sells it to Antonio. How much did Juan pay for the car? Statement 1 - Juan sold it to Alberto at 20% profit and Antonio bought it for$10,000. Statement 2 - Alberto sold it to Antonio for 10% profit.
Which of the statements above make it possible to answer the question.
clay is to kiln as steel is to -------
wheel is to turn as flame is to -------
Choose the word most similar in meaning to - profane
Choose the word most similar in meaning to - figment
Below are the 90th through 99th prime numbers. What is the 100th prime number? 463, 467, 479, 491, 499, 503, 509, 521, 523,?
If P = {a, e, i, o, u} and Q = {a, e, i, u}, what is PUQ
Find a number whose double exceeds its half by exactly 99.
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