Free Human Capital Partners HCP Aptitude Test Past Questions & Answers

The Human Capital Partners (HCP) aptitude test is not by how brilliant you are but by how well prepared you are. The test consists of 50 verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and Abstract / logical reasoning questions altogether.

You’ll be given 60 minutes to answer these questions and time can be an enemy.  However, with the right preparation, you’d be able to manage your time wisely. 

The HCP exam body repeats questions a lot. Therefore, if you prepared ahead with past questions you’d have solved questions that would be repeated in the test and have a clearer idea of what to expect.

We compiled a collection of all past questions for the HCP Aptitude Test in our Human Capital Partners HCP Aptitude Test Past Questions & Answers PDF material. The solutions to the questions have been provided to make your study even easier.


Tips for Passing the HCP Job Aptitude Test

  • Be familiar with the question format.
  • Practice past questions repeatedly like you are sitting for the actual test.
  • Manage your time wisely. If you are finding a question difficult, move to the next one.
  • Read the instructions well and make sure you understand what you’re asked to do.


About the HCP Job Test Quiz

The goal is that you pass this test in flying colours. That is why we created this quiz for free from several past HCP job aptitude test questions. It serves as the first step in your preparations.

This quiz will show you how prepared you are for the coming test, and give you an idea of what our authentic HCP Job past questions and answers PDF material covers. Then you can judge if you truly need to use it for further preparations. Take this quiz now and start preparing for success!


Find the area (in square feet) of a rectangle that is 10 feet wide and 12 feet long.
Everyone of us have understood that without him helping us we would not have succeeded in our program over the past six months
Choose the correct phrase for the sentence.
How many non-overlapping 6-inch by 6-inch square tiles will it take to cover a rectangular floor that is 10 feet wide and 12 feet long?
What is 0.01 + (0.02)^2 + (0.03)^3?
What is the product of 21.84 x 32.787?
In accordance with their powers, many state authorities are introducing fluoridation of drinking water. This follows the conclusion of 10 years of research that the process ensures that children and adults receive the required intake of fluoride that will strengthen teeth. The maximum level has been set at one part per million. However, there are many who object, claiming that fluoridation removes freedom of choice
Which of the following will best weaken the claim of the proponents of fluoridation?
Ever since the bombing, there has been much opposition from they who maintain that it was an unauthorized war.
On the African continent, the incidence of vitamin deficiencies correlates positively with the level of solar radiation
I am not too eager to go to this play because it did not get good reviews
A sack of com weighs 12 pounds, and a sack of wheat weighs 16 pounds. A store has an inventory of sacks of com and sacks of wheat. 25% of the sacks are com and the rest are wheat. What is the average weight (in pounds) of all the sacks in the store's inventory?
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